Why are background verifications so important for employment in Pakistan?

You just found your top candidate after a painstakingly long recruitment process. His resume is impressive, education and employment history is remarkable, and with those exceptional responses in the interview, you are convinced to make a hiring – You may be right. But is it always so?

You can no longer rely on trust only

Fact of the matter is, a large amount of job seekers are lying on their resumes.

Studies report 46% of background checks found in accuracies in information provided by the applicants.

Background checks and verification of antecedents are a part of the pre-employment screening used to investigate potential employees for the accuracy of their claims.

 Bad hires happen, that too, quite often. Many a times, you quickly realize your mistake and the employee moves on without causing much harm. However, in worst cases they fail to perform their job and lower workplace morale, or cause other legal issues for the company. Either way you are left with dealing with a troublesome situation and to follow is the whole exercise of rehiring.

How do u lower the chances of making a bad hire?

Yes that’s right, Pre-employment back ground checks!

It helps you reveal all details that a person may have concealed or not disclosed at all during the interview process, helping you only offer jobs to the people with good integrity.

What is covered in a pre-employment background verification?

HRBS runs various background check/pre-employment screening services depending on the requirement of the employer, sensitivity of the role and the industry a company operates in.

The hiring position mainly determines the type of background check to be run. For eg, public sector jobs that involve working with the employee’s children require a thorough check into the candidates criminal and financial background.

Pre-employment screening sits at the core of what we do. HRBS provides a range of Services:

  • Employment History verification
  • Education Verification
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Criminal search/Police Verifications
  • NADRA Verifications
  • Contact Details Verification
  • Global Watch list search
  • CPLC/APCLC Verification

Why should employers do a verification of antecedents?

  • It prevents workplace violence

Workplace violence is not a rare happening anymore. It is an alarming subject globally and has had negative implications at workplaces like decreased employee productivity and unhealthy work culture. A recent research indicates that 82% of people endorsed dysfunctional behaviors at least weekly. Though not all cases can be rooted back to lack of background checks but most are related. Someone having a criminal record of violence, may exhibit a similar behavior at his workplace.

 Avoids Federal Anti-Discrimination Claims

In accordance with article 25 and 27 of the constitution, no citizen otherwise qualified for a job should be discriminated. Moreover, elimination of discrimination is also a key aim in the ILO’s frame work on fundamental principles and rights at work. This can be quite an alarm for most employers. Employment verification covers you from any law suits or petition by employee in case of discrimination.

Allows you to make the best pick

Hiring qualified and honorable people is the core outcome of a recruitment process. Ignoring verification of antecedents can cost you so much. After all, employees have a significant impact on every business.

A rigorous pre-employment screening will help you recruit well qualified candidates, without having to delay projects due to lack of skill.

Background check before onboarding brings mental peace and frees employer of liability in terms of candidate’s qualification and whether their documents are authentic.

You hire for integrity

A successful background check is a clear indication of candidate’s honesty and integrity. A company can always train for skills, but a single most important quality that cannot be traded is integrity.

By doing so, you encourage honesty in the application process, at the same time discouraging applicants with something to conceal.

A good employment history is predictive of future relationships- If an employment history indicates a candidate’s good relationship with previous employer, one can predict a future relationship with equal respect.

Learn More about Employment Verification 

Employers can sit back through the final recruitment stages, if they have a background verification check company to screen candidates’ application for accuracy of claims. HRBS (HR Business Solutions) is one such company that provides best background verification check services globally. For a more robust hiring process, contact www.hrbs.com.pk today.