Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO) in Pakistan

Boggled with a day to day hassle of handling non-primary operations?

HRBS renders Business Process Outsourcing Services allowing clients to develop policies, procedures which are structured and focused with their business needs. We take end-to-end responsibility of managing and developing all your Human Resource & Administration functions. Apart from development of policies, our customized solutions enable you to review, redesign or revamp all your existing procedures and structures related to your operational business needs. Our seasoned team of knowledgeable Consultants help you handle your operations at a much lower price tag than if you were to hire your own staff for it.

Our HR BPO services include developing policy handbooks, recruiting and hiring employees, digitization of records, conducting training and onboarding operations, plan insurance and healthcare policies, and many more.

We also provide tailored marketing solutions to elevant your online presence. Our marketing strategists help you with SEO, Social media management,PPC Advertising, Content Marketing,Email Marketing, Website Design and development, Analytics and reporting.

We have developed functional policies and optimized processes for many renowned brands ensuring that they are benchmarked with industry practices, under compliance of legislations and aligned with company’s strategy that drive its vision and mission.

Partnering with us brings you benefits like access to key technology, improved quality of work and greater customer satisfaction. It’s time to focus on your critical business aspects and leave the rest to us!