Rehan Tariq

Chief Executive Officer

Rehan has a MBA Degree and is also a certified trainer from Huawei University, China alongside PAI CHAI University South Korea. Over the last decade, he has worked mostly with leading International brands and has a professional experience of resolving business enigmas. After serving a successful stint in the corporate sector, Rehan switched to consultancy role and later Co-founded HRBS with an aim of providing customize solutions to the firms through business consultancy. He has a radical experience in Human Resource Management and Consulting portfolios. From development of business strategies to implementation of management solutions, from policy making to their successful roll out and process auditing to re-engineering, he has done that all. Cultural transformation, Training & Development, Business outsourcing and consultancy are his areas of interest where he has delivered passionately. He brings along a multifaceted experience of managing HR operations at all levels.

While working in IT & Telecom industry, he attributed in bringing the best human capital onboard for his company in deployment of 3G & 4G network solutions across the country through talent mapping and sourcing. Cultural transformation is another area in which he has contributed at different levels. His contribution in building a team and then business growth for a top of the line Chinese brand in Pakistan’s retail sector through an effectual HR strategy is well attributed.Apart from core HR areas, he has expertise


in coaching & mentoring young entrepreneurs and developing feasibility reports for building successful business projects.

As CEO, he is passionate and committed in taking HRBS to overseas markets and work with global partners resolving business problems. Also, he has a strong vision about enabling youth to flourish as entrepreneurs and support the economy with an advent of new businesses, creating jobs and playing a role in GDP of the country