Zaaid Ahmad

ERP Consultant

Zaaid is a technology consultant and a digital transformation expert with a vast experience of working with SMEs at national and international scale. Zaaid has been helping corporates working in IT, telecommunication, retail, financial, medical and pharmaceutical industries in successful implementation of customized solutions and digitalizing system transformation through ERP solutions.

He has been involved in all aspects of project management from initiation till closing; finalizing the scope of projects, developing proposals, risk mitigations, project execution & control, managing customer expectations management, quality assurance and post deployment follow ups. He has developed and worked in delivering a variety of IT projects while also training and sharing his knowledge with many new entrants in the field of IT to help fulfill customer’s requirements.

His work has enabled these organizations to grow at a rapid scale and maximize their working efficiencies resulting in an impact of millions of dollars in their revenues. He brings along a highly ‘techy’ mind and skillset, which is invaluable for not just HRBS but also our partners and clients. He is highly passionate in identifying and conducting gap analysis, compliance loopholes, troubleshooting and building cost effective state of the art HRMS system for the corporate sector partners.